The monotype experience - a unique, original piece of art I create a monotype by painting with water-based paints on a plexiglass plate. To create visual texture, several layers of colors are applied to the plate. Each layer is allowed to dry thoroughly before the next layer is applied. When the painting is complete and dry, the printing process begins. The paper to be printed is wetted, planked between blotters to remove the excess moisture, then placed over the image painted on the plate and run through the press. The dampened paper re-wets the image on the plate and the image is transferred to the paper. It is like magic when you pull the monotype. Of course, the magic does not work all of the time! Only one monotype is printed from the plate as compared to a monoprint, which is one of a series. When you purchase a monotype, you are acquiring an original piece of art, not a printed copy. Like all things in the natural world, each monotype is unique.
© 2012
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